How it works

how it works

Skipper & Hostess + Free Concierge Service

What is included ?

  • Free concierge service 
  • Naturist Skipper and Hostess (according to the price list)

We use our “local” experience and knowledge to organize  every aspect of your cruise. 

  • Local transfer (if needed)
  • Finding the right boat for you
  • Provisioning
  • Sailing, route planing, mooring, anchoring, safety
  • Cooking, basic cleaning, guiding

The boat

The first thing we have to do when organising your cruise is to find and book the right boat for your needs.

There is not much required from your side. We will get all the info and present it to you for the final decision and payment.

There are a few questions you have to answer: 

  • How many are you?
  • How much comfort do you want?
  • What will our starting point be? It depends on which part of the coast you want to explore and the airport you are arriving at.

We look for a good and reliable charter company as close to the airport as possible and explore different options. 

After collecting the best offers we discuss them with you to make the final decision.

Getting the best value for your money is our priority. 

The boat must be paid in advance upon reservation:

  • 35% in the period of 7 days after the booking is confirmed
  • 65% not later than 30 days before the commencement of the accommodation.

The percentage can vary and depends on the chosen charter company/broker.

You can pay for the boat directly to the charter company (the boat is chartered in your name), or you can pay to our account so we can do everything in our name. It’s totally up to you.

Why do we use a charter and not our own boat?

Using a chartered boat, we are much more flexible. This way, we can take any size and shape of the boat depending on the group and personal preferences. Also, we can use any starting point on the Croatian coast. Some people prefer catamarans and others mono-hulls. This way, we can make all happy.  

Route planing and food

Depending on the area you have decided to visit, we will tailor naturist friendly route and present it to you.

Weather forecast plays a major role in route planning as safety is our 1. concern.

Our destinations are remote islands and quiet anchorages with crystal clear water and beautiful sunsets. We like to spend one night moored in some small island town so you can have dinner in a nice restaurant and enjoy busy summer life.

Dana prepares most of the food on the boat, but we recommend that you pay a visit to some Croatian “Konoba” in one of the quiet anchorages and try local specials…

We always plan a relaxing naturist sailing route with no stress and pressure.

The only time when you have to were clothes is when on land (unfortunately). Sometimes, sarong or something similar is needed when anchoring (but mostly not)

Skipper and hostess

We think and worry about everything, so you don’t have to.

Bob is your skipper and sailing instructor. He is an expert in avoiding overpriced buoy fields and marinas. By doing so, we cut expenses and add to your relaxation time and unique experience. 

We are very serious about safety, and there is no compromise on that. Weather forecasts and protected anchorages are most important for relaxing evenings and a good night’s sleep. 

Regarding everything else, we are very flexible.

Dana is your hostess, snorkelling and tourist guide (French and English). She takes care of the tidiness of the boat, food, drinks and good atmosphere.  



 This is just 1 of the possibilities, but each trip is different and exclusive depending on your wishes and weather conditions.

Multiply starting points are possible, but Pula is convenient because of the airport and many available charters. Marinas Pomer, Medulin and Verudela are the best options.

Please follow the links for more information on each destination.

We always recommend 2 weeks cruise but let’s start with just 7 days.

Day 1        Pomer – Medulin bay  Upon arrival, formalities in the marina, shopping for supplies and night somewhere in Medulin bay. Dinner on the boat or at some restaurant depending on timing and availability.

Day 2       Medulin  – Vognisca bay   Sailing most of the day and arriving in the early afternoon. In time to enjoy swimming and sunset with a glass of wine. Dinner on board.

Day 3       Vognisca  –  Losinj (town)    2 hours in the morning for a short walk to the village Unije. After that, sailing to Losinj (city port). A short stop for swimming (depending on the weather). Late afternoon and evening in Losin – a lively little island town. Popular tourist destination but still not too noisy. Dinner in the restaurant.

Day 4     Losinj – Premuda bay     Sailing with a short stop for swimming. Upon arrival, some time for relaxing or swimming and snorkelling. Beautiful bay with crystal clear water. Dinner on the boat.

Day 5    Premuda  – Balvanida bay   Sailing with a snorkelling and swimming stop. Upon arrival, lazy afternoon and later, before dinner, walk to the top of the hill with a magnificent view. Dinner in Konoba.

Day 6   Balvanida – Tomozina  Sailing to the beautiful Tomozina bay. Arrival, in the early afternoon, so you can fully enjoy the pristine, clean water and beautiful colours. Our favourite spot.

Day 7  Tomozina – Pomer  An early start as the boat has to be back in the marina early afternoon. You can sleep if you like as you have us to get up and start while you sleep. Stop for swimming on the way.

 In 2 weeks cruise we would definitely recommend islands Rab and Goli or Silba, Ist and Olib. 

Depending on weather conditions and forecast, the trip can be tailored in a different order and include some other islands.

The only time when you have to ware clothes is when on the shore.

Naturist oriented, skipper and hostess services in Croatia. Committed to Customer Satisfaction.

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