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No pressure, no hurry, and no racing to cover great distances.
The accent is on clear water, beautiful surroundings, lazy time and stress meltdown.


Here, you can find only the prices of our (skipper/hostess) services.
 Other expenses are depending on many factors. Estimated total cost you can check here or 
e-mail us for more personalised information.

  • Naturist skipper and hostess (package) 280€/day

    Skipper and hostess services at very competitive price. As we are a couple, you save space and money on our accommodation.

  • Naturist skipper only 180€/day

    In case that you don't require hostess services, skipper only option is available.

  • surcharge 30€/day

    For catamarans and with groups of more than 6 people, there is much more work involved, especially for a hostess, so this surcharge will be applied. In case we don't have a separate cabin but have to sleep in the saloon or other suitable areas (depending on the boat), a surcharge might be applied.

This fee does not include meals and water for the crew (either on board or in the restaurant). Your crew can either join you for meals, or allow 20€ per crew member per meal. 


If you are only 1 couple:
Skipper & Hostess package will be – 250€/day
Skipper only – 150€/day

Tipping is discretionary, not compulsory; HOWEVER, it is recommended. A good crew, goes above and beyond to make sure it is your best holiday ever, so a tip is a gesture of appreciation for their hard work. The recommended tip and industry standard is 10 – 15% of the charter price.



Skipper is: in charge of driving the boat, navigation, route planning, safety, exterior cleaning and tidiness, maintenance and small repairs. He will tailor the route according to your wishes (whenever possible) but will not make any compromise on safety. He can also give you various useful bits of advice, point out some interesting places for you to visit, things to do, answer most of your questions and show you a thing or two about sailing and driving a boat.
Skipper is the master of the crew and the yacht. He knows the local conditions and follows the weather forecasts, so according to that, decides about the safest route and anchorages. His decisions must be taken seriously, as he bears the most of the responsibility.


A hostess takes care of general cleaning and light cooking, can provide local tips, guide you on land and in the water and even help take care of your children. She helps the skipper during some manoeuvres as well.
The hostess serves three light meals daily – breakfast and lunch every day and dinner a maximum of 4 times a week. Three times we eat in the restaurant (but if you wish, different arrangements are possible). You can expect simple local food, done well – like pasta and salads but don’t be surprised if the hostess decides to serve a 2-course lunch and dessert! The hostess also handles the provisioning throughout the trip (in coordination with the skipper). With her local knowledge and experience, she knows where to find the best products.


We take care of everything, so you don’t have to. 
But you still have a few responsibilities:
Listen to the skipper (in your best interest), especially during mooring, anchoring and other manoeuvres. Treat everyone politely and fairly. Follow the charter company’s guidelines regarding the use of the facilities on board (especially toilets, showers and kitchens).

And the most important rule:
Don’t worry & be happy

Boating Etiquette Basics

Being at the sea gives you a unique sense of freedom, a luxury to wake up in a different place every day, an opportunity to explore hidden bays and coves, and a whole different perspective of the land surrounding you. Some places are just completely different, when you are entering their port and admiring them from the sea. We can all agree that spending your holiday on a sailing yacht is a special and unique experience, different from any ohter type of the accommodation on land. Being on a yacht, is a completely different social environment than anywhere else and carries with it its own set of rules. Whether it is your first time on a sailing yacht or you are an expert, there are some unwritten rules you should respect when onboard, and they are mainly the same despite some differences between different types of vessels




Start your holiday in the right way by understanding that patience and manners go a long way. Etiquette begins the moment you arrive at check-in. We advise our guests to be on time and prepared by having all the necessary documents ready to make the process as smooth as possible. Be aware that during peak season, check-in can be very busy at the counter and for marina technicians. Allow a couple of people to deal with check-in (together with the skipper), so others can get provisions (if there is no hostess) or relax with a drink. If you use a cart to get your gear to the boat, get it back as soon as possible so others can use it too.

Living aboard means that the boat cabin, toilet and kitchen are shared with other crew members. Therefore understanding and tolerance are expected in this boat adventure. From experience, we know that cabins are only used for sleeping. Most of the time, you will spend outdoors on the deck.


You should always take your shoes off before boarding the boat or, if you must, wear soft sole boat shoes.


Understand that water on the boat is precious so use it accordingly , especially the shower. Chances for refilling are often very poor and expensive. The galley and refrigerators are “boat size”, so keep that in mind. Preparing complicated dishes is very difficult, so keep them simple but tasty. Electricity comes from batteries, which are charged by the engine and solar panels (but not on all boats). Do not overdo it with the lighting and the refrigerator.


Cabins on a sailing boat are beautifully designed and equipped for you and your comfort, but unfortunately, not for storage. It is always a precious commodity. We discourage bringing hard-shell luggage aboard as it ends up taking up valuable space. Please bring soft luggage that can be easily folded up.


It is important to remember that the skipper and hostess are there for two main reasons: safety and comfort. The skipper knows the boat’s limits and your safety is always a top priority. Besides your safety, the skipper and hostess want you to feel at home and to make sure you have a pleasurable experience. However, you should treat the crew with respect and understanding. Also, treat the boat itself as your home during your time onboard, keeping things orderly as best you can.


Be careful not to harm marine life. Do not throw cigarette butts or garbage overboard. Whenever possible, use natural, organic, and/or eco-friendly detergents, shampoos, soaps, and sunscreens that are not harmful. Don’t take anything from the sea and don’t walk in the water – swim whenever possible. 

Charter bookings and terms of payment


1. The price for yacht charter (accommodation rate) includes VAT on accommodation, the use of vessel and equipment according to the applicable Price list, bedlinen, auxiliary rowboat, gas, autopilot, GPS, usual services provided by the Charter base at the time of check-in and check-out, mooring expenses in the registry port.

2. Yacht charter price does not include fuel, marina and mooring expenses in ports outside the registry port, port taxes and other fees such as national park entry fees, food and beverages, and tourist tax.

3. After the yacht charter reservation has been confirmed, the payment is to be made as follows:
35% (can vary depending on the charter company) in 7 days after the booking is confirmed
65% not later than 30 days before the commencement of the accommodation
Taking the boat into possession is effective once the payment in full has been completed.

Skipper & hostess services - Payment and Cancellation Conditions

We provide skipper and hostess services only.  Any problem regarding the boat must be addressed to the charter company.


After  the booking has been confirmed, the payment is to be made as follows:

  • Reservation – 400€/skipper&hostess or 200€/skipper only  in the period of 7 days after the booking is confirmed
  • Balance – not later than 14 days before the start of the service.             

After the payment of the reservation has been made, the client will receive a confirmation e-mail that obligates us to perform the service as described on this page. All specifics that are additionally agreed upon will be described in a separate email (which binds us regardless of the description on the page). If payment is not made in full within the requested period (no later than 14 days before the start of the service – as described above) we will not be obligated to the service, which will then be automatically cancelled.


In the event of the Client’s cancellation of the booked services due to any reason whatsoever, he/she shall be obligated to notify “NaturistCroatia” thereof in writing (e-mail) and, in respect, he shall be charged for amend as follows:

  • If the cancellation has been done more than 7 calendar days prior to the starting date of the service – reservation fee in full 
  • If the cancellation has been done less than 14 calendar days prior to the starting date of the service – up to 50% of the amount paid.  .

The date of the receipt of the cancellation notice in writing shall be the basis for the settlement of the stated cancellation charges.

 Cancellation on the “NaturistCroatia” side is possible only due to major force (sickness). In that case, we will organise a skipper/hostess replacement for your cruise but we can’t promise they will be naturists. You will not be entitled to any cancellation of the services or to demand a reduction of the price. In case that for unseen reasons, we must cancel our service (skipper&hostess), you will be refunded in total.

Naturist oriented, skipper and hostess services in Croatia. Committed to Customer Satisfaction.

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